Commission Info

Commission Status: OPEN!

Are you looking to have a character painted? Perhaps your character from a game like World of Warcraft or the Dungeons and Dragons group you have been exploring with, or the main character from the novel you wrote! I gladly help you bring your characters to life with art. Feel free to email your idea at: and I'll send you a personal quote and time frame.

More info below!

My work is hand painted on a digital tablet (Wacom Cintiq 16) with digital painting software (Photoshop and Paint Tool SAI).

Commission information (Commissions for private use):

Base prices character illustration

-Portrait: 120 EUR

-Half-body: 195 EUR

-Full-body: 245 EUR 

These are with no background (grey gradient), and no special effects such as magic or dynamic posing or pets. I try to keep the base prices affordable so you can add more details as you'd like for an additional fee!

Additional Items:

-Background: +100 EUR
-Magic Effects: +75 EUR
-Pet: +65 EUR
-Additional Character Full-body: +200 EUR
-Additional Character Half-body: +150 EUR

Do you have something else in mind that's not on this list? I gladly hear your idea and give you a custom estimate:

For commercially used commissions time and price will differ, please contact me for more information.

All art I make is hand painted using a Wacom Cintiq and digital painting software (Photoshop and Paint Tool SAI). I do not use AI in any part of my process, so I can assure high quality to my clients. You will receive both a sketch (on which you can give feedback, see "Time" below) and a refined full color version of the commissioned art for private use.
For my accountancy I need to ask for a billing name and address, so I can draft up a bill.
Of course, you get this bill too in PDF format which also includes my details for your accountancy and security.

For bills until 199 EUR the payment is done upfront, for bills of 200 EUR and higher I offer the option to pay 50% upfront and then the other 50% after the sketch is finished and you'd like to move on to refinement/coloring. For this I do have to charge and extra 5 EUR due to extra fees and bill drafting.

Payment options are Paypal, but if you prefer a bank transfer that can also be done to my Wise account!

This is a private commission, so it can not be used commercially and credit has to be given in case you upload it online. I have a compact information sheet that I can send to you along with all finished work, this is not legally binding but just informing about some important things around copyright law and to answer some common questions. In case you want to use the commission commercially there are additional rights that we can discuss and that can be purchased.


[This is for the base price commissions, it may differ for bigger projects/commissions]
The time frame for a sketch is about 2 weeks, then is the moment for all the major feedback you might have and I revise the sketch up to two times (once majorly and once for little details). You can really take your time for your feedback, no need to hurry! When all the payment and feedback is in I will go on to coloring and refining the sketch, this can take up to 4 weeks. This would total in about 6 weeks time, depending on how long it takes for the feedback, and possibly the final payment, to arrive. When you'd like it earlier, a hurry fee is an option, when this is something you'd be interested in please tell me!

Cancellation of a commission:
When you are on the waiting list you can cancel your spot free of charge! Just sent me an email, preferably as early as possible.  When I have started work on your commission and only the sketch is started you can cancel it and get 50% of the price back. When you received the sketch and I started the coloring and refining OR you did not cancel it within two weeks of receiving the sketch, there won't be any possibility for a refund.

What I don't paint:
Excessive gore or nudity, as well as directly copying likenesses of people (inspired by a photo is fine). I retain the right to decline your commission when it isn't something I am comfortable with to draw. This is for the benefit of us both, as I can not make my best work when I am not also excited for the project.

For any questions feel free to email me!